2020 Season:

September 2020:

Sad News

Could you please let the membership know that Ron King passed away at 0600 25th September 2020 following a stroke.

When I hear of the funeral arrangements I will pass the information on.

It may well be that we are still under restrictions so will be unable to attend.


July 2020

We continue to follow government guidelines and can't yet see our way to opening up club facilities; we will let you know as soon as we can change this. However, you may be glad to know that Cromarty's public toilets are now open, both the ladies and gents. The wheelchair-accessible toilet is also available but, as usual, you need a Radar key to unlock it.

29 June 2020



From: William Martin 
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 at 10:53
Subject: Local NtM 10-2020 Phase 4 Construction Works
To: Notices to Mariners , Lou Knight

Good Morning,

Please see attached a new local Notice to Mariners 10-2020 – Phase 4 construction works, which now supersedes NtM 05-2019, reflecting a change in projected completion date of works to September 2020.

NtM 05-2019 Phase 4 Construction Works – Cancelled

NtM 10-2020 Phase 4 Construction Works – Now in force.

Best Regards


William Martin I Marine Officer/Pilot

Port Office, Shore Road, Invergordon IV18 0HD

tel: 01349 852308  I   mob: 07552 241 990  I web: pocf.co.uk

June 2020:


For the avoidance of all doubt:

"There is no change in use of club facilities and members are still requested to not use the workshop, the toilets or the clubroom. This is because there is a risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus via contaminated surfaces.

We've not asked members to not enter or work in the compound but any member who does so is doing it entirely at his own risk. Government guidelines on social distancing etc should, of course, continue to be followed."

and this means that, for the sake of yourself and others, if you are using the compound, please bring your own sanitiser etc and use it (before and after) on all surfaces you touch in and around the gate and the compound.

Regards to all



May 2020:

Here at Power Boat and Rib magazine, we have launched a new campaign #keepboatingalive, and as part of this campaign we have made the digital version of our magazine available completely free of charge. This is a turning page version allowing you to read Powerboat & RIB via your internet browser on a computer PC or Mac, or your tablet or smartphone. This free subscription also allows you to access many years of back issues completely free of charge.

We would like to offer your club the opportunity to take up this offer. Any member of the Yacht Club management or staff are very welcome to register. Additionally, could we ask whether you would be willing to support this campaign by forwarding this offer to all your members via an email newsletter or your social media platforms? The RYA have very kindly promoted this offer on their social media, but individual yacht clubs assistance would be greatly appreciated in reaching their membership. 

Anyone can sign up simply with their name and email address at: 


From our small team here at PBR may we thank you in advance for your help in keeping boating alive. We wish you all safe navigation of the unfamiliar waters ahead.

With many thanks, Hugo Montgomery-Swan

Editor  Powerboat & RIB Magazine

May 2020

Dear All

Please see below for RYA Scotland message to all their members; apologies if you've seen it already.

More cheers to all

Ann, Secretary  Cromarty Boat Club


The announcement from the First Minister over the weekend has been very clear and the message for Scotland is still the same; Stay at home. 

For now, lockdown continues in Scotland and boating in Scotland must wait a bit longer. We must continue to stay off the water to support the effort to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and protect the capacity of the NHS and our frontline emergency services.

While the situation is now different in England, we remain committed to the principles that will guide our work with partners in Scotland to be ready for a return to boating in Scotland when the time is right. 

In essence these are;

1. We will always follow Government guidance

2. We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach

·                     Considerate of others

·                     Conservative of risk

The detail of these principles is on our website (Principles) and I would encourage you to read them.

Colleagues based in Hamble are working hard to produce guidelines for Clubs and Training Centres to support the return to boating in England.  In time, we will undoubtedly benefit from this work as we return to boating in Scotland.  For now I would encourage clubs and training centres to continue to prepare plans for a return to activity that considers how your club or centre will accommodate social distancing measures, the likelihood of operating as household units and the need for increased safe practices around hygiene.

RYA Scotland will continue to work with our broad range of partners to be ready to return to the water at the earliest opportunity, when it is safe and responsible to do so.

Thank you for your patience and support during these difficult and challenging times.  While we must all continue to stay off the water, the water and the wind will still be there and we all look forward to a time when we can get back afloat.

James Allan  Chief Executive Officer  RYA Scotland

Folks -- April 2020

We are in unprecedented times and the situation in respect of COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis.

As a club and as a committee our immediate priority is the safety, health and welfare of all our members, friends and colleagues.

Accordingly, given the current situation, we have no option but to suspend all club activities for the foreseeable future. This includes all remaining winter workshops and the crane-in planned for the 11th April.

Whilst this is clearly disappointing, we believe that there is no other option, given the advice from the UK Government, the demographic of our membership and our responsibilities to the club members.

The committee will undertake to explore the likes of video conference and technology options and opportunities that would allow us to continue some club activities remotely. This keeps everyone in touch, hopefully raises spirits and reminds us all of sailing....

For info, other local clubs are either taking, or likely, to take similar actions.  

We will maintain flexibility and a hope that we may get the boats into the water later in the year, dependent on the spread of this virus and associated advice. However, there does remain a stark reality that no boats will hit the water this year.

We have a lot of members that fall into the “high risk” category. As a club, we are a close knit community and an extended family. Let's ensure we look out for each other and support each other through what will no doubt be uncertain, difficult and worrying times for a lot of our members.

Finally, I look forward to the day we can all get back onto the water, but in the mean time stay safe, keep calm, carry on and shout if you need assistance.  

Best Regards

Tom   Commodore

Sent on behalf of MWG

Last Friday & Saturday, 13 and 14 March 2020 saw two days of decent weather, quiet sea conditions & favourable tides that allowed barge mooring operations to proceed apace. Over the period, two teams of six crew spent around 12 hours afloat laying 26 moorings & taking two moorings ashore that had been in the water all winter.

Three moorings (for recent applicants) remain to be laid when the risers have been assembled. The laying of two further moorings has been cancelled indefinitely at the request of the mooring owners.

The following moorings are in place as at 14 March:

Row 1 – starting at harbour end (Row 1 is nearest the shore)

R1-2 Sand Dollar

R1-3 Hobo

R1-4 Katie May

R1-5 Mehitabel

R1-6 Hi Brow

R1-7 Ness Piper

R1-8 Sea Fret


Row 2 – starting at harbour end

R2-0 Visitor mooring

R2-1 Fram

R2-3 Gaia

R2-4 Shoshoni

R2-5 Hava

R2-6 Sulaire


R2-8 Diadem


Row 3 – starting at harbour end

R3-0 Visitor mooring

R3-1 Sea Jay

R3-2 Misty

R3-3 Bee Bee

R3-4 Carefree

R3-5 Moonshadow

R3-6 Tandoori


Row 4 – starting at harbour end

R4-0 Visitor mooring

R4-3 Timpani

R4-5 L’Acushla

R4-6 Bacarat

It is anticipated that the moorings for Dolfin (R1-1), Randan (R2-2) & Pererin (R4-4) will be laid within the next week or so.

MWG wishes to thank Steve W for the use of his machinery, and all who helped at the work parties on 7, 13 & 14 March (notably new member Graeme Findlay from Aberdeen who drove to Cromarty in his motorhome & did 2 x 6-hour shifts on the barge). Also thanks to those who volunteered but were not needed.

  • 13 March  - from Harbour Trust
  • We have been removing metal columns from the Inner Admiralty Pier but unfortunately one column has been left protruding close to the entrance.  Vessels entering and leaving Cromarty Harbour should exert extreme care and keep at least four metres away from the Inner Admiralty Pier and use a route closer to the East pier than would normally be the case.  The obstacle is expected to be there until early next week.

I’m hoping to have it marked in the morning.


12 March

Dear All

Nicole (owner of Mehitabel) has kindly put some home baking 

in the tower clubroom. Please help yourselves!

Thank you, Nicole.




10 March

  • "Moorings Work Parties – 13/14/15 March (sent on behalf of MWG)

Fingers crossed but the forecast is indicating a spell of quieter weather from Friday through most of the weekend so, with the barge already in the water, we are planning to start laying the moorings on FRIDAY with the likelihood of further work parties on Saturday &  possibly Sunday.

  • Start times as follows:

Friday – 10.00am – wrap up well as could be chilly

Saturday – 10.00am - probably finishing early afternoon to watch Scotland beat Wales!

Sunday – 10.45am – but might be too windy

We need 5 crew on the barge for each shift and some additional support to swap over as we may be on the water for quite a while each day.

At the moment, we haven’t many volunteers for Friday & Sunday. Saturday is a little better but a few additional helpers wouldn’t go amiss.

So, if you can help, please let Jim C know (text 07764189179 or email jimco33@btinternet.com) as he’s keen to avoid volunteers turning up unexpectedly and finding they aren’t needed!

Finally, if you can help, please familiarise yourself with the recently circulated barge risk assessment (RA) as barge ops will be carried out in accordance with the RA & remember to bring your lifejacket etc.


11 March 2020

  • Many thanks to Mike Burns for his wide-ranging winter workshop on "Race Officer: what, why and how" last Saturday and many thanks also to those who came along and listened. There's a lot to learn but the club now has the foundations for a good team of Race Officers, well on their way to doing this essential job at club races this coming season. If you weren't able to attend on Saturday and are interested in learning more about Race Officer duties, please contact Club Sailing Secretary Jane Bridge at janebridgeis@gmail.com

Thanks are also due to Bob Bull for hosting Saturday's workshop in his very comfortable centre at Glachbeg, near Munlochy.

That's the last of the workshops for this winter; please let me have any suggestions for topics for next year.

Regards to all

Ann,  Secretary

  • Sent on behalf of the Moorings Working Group (MWG) to those who have requested a CBC mooring for 2020

March 2020

Dear All

Please see below for latest Moorings Working Group update from Jim Cockburn, including requests for volunteers this Saturday afternoon  (7th March) and next week from Tuesday morning (10th March).

  • Sent on behalf of the Moorings Working Group (MWG): 5 March 2020:

18 risers have been transferred from the compound to the beach and attached to their blocks.

5 risers are in the compound awaiting connection to their blocks that are on the beach but at LW mark & should be accessible at low tide on Saturday afternoon.

A few risers cannot be connected as yet for a variety of reasons.

We are planning to have a work party on Saturday afternoon to fit the 5 risers to the blocks at LW mark and to move the blocks at the top of the beach to LW mark. MEET AT COMPOUND AT 1530. 

PLEASE LET ME KNOW/RECONFIRM IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON - jimco33@btinternet.com / text 07764189179                                                                       

Also, we hope to launch the mooring barge on Saturday afternoon.

Weather & availability of volunteers permitting, we hope to begin laying the moorings on Tuesday 10 March starting at 0930.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON ANY DAY FROM TUESDAY 10 TO SUNDAY 15 MARCH - (jimco33@btinternet.com or text 07764189179). Please specify which days.

  • March 2020 -- Hello everyone

Firstly, thanks for having your mooring risers in the compound.

MWG will be meeting on Tuesday 3 March to finalise plans for the deployment of the moorings and will check all risers to make sure they are properly prepped and ready for installation. As usual, any that are considered to be unfit for purpose in any respect won’t be installed & MWG will contact the owner to advise on remedial measures.


The main purpose of this email is to give you a “heads up” that there might be a work party next weekend (7/8 March) to transport the risers & connect them to the blocks that are lying on the beach. The details will be finalised at the MWG meeting on Tuesday but I thought it best to flag up the likelihood of a work party so that you can build it into your plans for that weekend. I’m aware that there’s a workshop on Race Officer Duties on the Saturday morning so MWG will do its best to work around that when arranging the work party and, of course, we’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast.

MWG looks forward to a high level of support from moorings “owners” at the work party and, subsequently, with the deployment of the moorings in Cromarty Bay – it looks as if there will be around 30 to put in place.

Further details will be circulated after the MWG meeting on Tuesday.


Jim C on behalf of MWG

Dear All

  • Our next Winter Workshop will be on  Saturday 7th March at 1000 when Mike Burns will give us the lowdown on  "Race Officer: why, what and how."

The club needs more Race Officers so please come and find out what's required. The immediate intention would be for the RO duties to be carried out by two or three,  including one of the more experienced members,  working together so newly-trained ROs would not just be left to get on with it. 

If you're hoping to race this year, this is your chance to put something back into the system from which you benefit; the more who get trained up, the more thinly the duties will be spread and the fewer races you'll miss through being RO!

If you're not a racer, this is your chance to do something for the club, racing nembers will be very grateful to you!


Remember, if we can't supply an RO when required, we won't be able to start or finish races here in Cromarty and would have to either borrow from another club or withdraw from the racing program, not a pretty choice.

This Winter Workshop will be held at Bob Bull's house near Munlochy.

Bob's address is:

Glachbeg Croft Centre
Allanglach Wood
North Kessock
Inverness IV1 3XD

 Do not be misled by the "North Kessock" part of the address; Glachbeg is not on the coast!
Bob says : 

"Situated on the minor road between the Artafallie toll house and Old Kilcoy House.

From Inverness: take B9161, Munlochy turn off from A9, almost immediately turn left (by the Artafallie Toll house) signposted Tore. Glachbeg is ½ mile on the right- wooden building with turf roof. 

From Cromarty: Take B9161, turn right at the Toll house, just before you get to the A9 then as above 

From Tore: Take A832 eastwards then, in Tore village, turn right (un-numbered road) by Old Kilcoy House  (opposite the garage). Glachbeg is about 2 miles further on, on the left.

 NB SATNAV will take you to  Redfield Farm- about ¼ mile nearer Tore than we are- though the same road.

 Please car share if possible; there are 6 parking spaces by the centre, 6  in the layby opposite, and about 8 by the house."

 Hope to see you there

Dear All

If you have applied for a mooring here at Cromarty this coming season, please make sure your mooring riser is back in the compound by the end of Sunday 23rd February, ready for attaching to the block; this will give the Moorings Working Group time to lay the moorings well before Crane-In (scheduled for weekend of 11th April). 

Requests for volunteers to help on land and sea will be sent out nearer the time.

Many thanks


Secretary,  Cromarty Boat Club

One CBC member will be taking OLD out of date FLARES [rescue, not trousers] to Inverness Harbour on 5 April 2020 for proper disposal. Should anyone else wish to do this, on this date or any other first Sunday of each month, first phone Coastguard on 01224592334 to arrange.



Winter Workshops/Lectures, 2020

Many thanks to George Selvester for his workshop yesterday 15 February 2020,  "Passage Planning", which completed his very informative and useful set on Basic Boat Navigation. 

Many thanks also to all who attended over the last three Saturdays; George felt his efforts had been worthwhile.




Cromarty Boat Club

Following on from last year's success, the club is again running some winter workshops on topics suggested by members.

George Selvester is poised for his three sessions on boat navigation including tides, passage planning etc. The first of these will be on Saturday 1st February,  at 10 a.m in Cromarty, venue Hugh Miller Institute, Cromarty

Please let me know if you'll be attending as we need to gauge numbers.

Many thanks


Secretary     annmklloyd@gmail.com


Many thanks to George Selvester for last Saturday's workshop on Tides and to all who came along.

The final episode in the trilogy, "Passage Planning", will be next Saturday, 15th February, again at 10a.m.  in the Hugh Miller Institute, Cromarty.

Hope to see you there.



Cromarty Boat Club




Planned SAILING, Racing and Cruises for 2020 :


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